Web site design - creating simple to navigate & easy to find sites

Having an internet presence is a growing priority for most modern companies. The challenge is creating a site which customers can find easily, want to use and come back to regularly.

Traildemon specialises in designing user friendly sites that display quickly and are easily navigated. With an aesthetically pleasing and frustration-free site, you will rapidly increase the profile of your company and offer a valuable service to your visitors.

General web site design

Traildemon will design a new site or redesign an existing site. We commit to developing useful, easily updated and fast-loading sites . An informative and navigable site will ensure visitors keep returning for more.

Every site we build is optimised in order to ensure they rapidly gain internet search engine ranking on sites such as Google, MSN Search & Yahoo. Having a good internet search ranking means that customers can find your site quickly.

Web site maintenance

Traildemon offers varying levels of site maintenance services to suit your requirements. We can add regular site updates, such as new products, news and new graphics. Adding new content to your site will encourage visitors to return regularly for the latest information.

Web site & internet marketing consulting

Traildemon has experience in all areas of internet marketing. We've helped many companies, organisations and individuals develop their strategy, create content for the web, build their sites and generate the correct attention from visitors. Traildemon manage your internet projects to take away the risk.

Advertising and web site promotion

Traildemon will help plan the advertising strategy for your site, including finding external sites well-suited for the placement of your ads. We can create animated banner advertisments, as well as unique interactive and media-rich ads that are proven to attract visitors. For previous customers we have created more traditional forms of advertising including magazine adverts and press releases to accompany web site launches.

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