about the traildemon team

Traildemon's work began in 1999 developing websites for contacts with small businesses and new start up companies. Quickly word of our work spread via word of mouth leading to us having a constant supply of clients and regular repeat custom from satisfied customers.

Our team is made up of people with not only the correct IT and web development skills but also real life business experience in industries such as retail, manufacturing, travel, sport, sales and events management.

Our clients soon recognised that the sites we developed with them attracted a significant number of new customers and drove their businesses forward.

There is a very big difference between having a website and having a strong web "presence".

Understanding our client's business

Before embarking on a piece of work we try to get a good understanding of your requirements. Not just what the look & feel and necessary functionality of the website but also how the company works, what makes you and your customers tick and also the character of the company. These are all things that we try to reflect in our designs.

By defining the business aims of the site at an early stage and regularly reviewing performance against those aims it is possible to shape the pages to meet those goals.

Free advertising

All Traildemon's work has come by word of mouth. We rely on our customers recommending us to their contacts in order to get new clients. Due to a steady stream of work, we have never felt the need to do anything else. Why blow your own trumpet if someone will do it for you?

Traildemon example and reference websites

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